What I learned from Billy Elliot the Musical

Updated: Jul 14, 2018

I was very young when I had the privilege of joining the Melbourne production of Billy Elliot the Musical in 2009. Such a positive learning experience, a time of personal growth. Show business teaches you strength and resilience. You know the old saying, "the show must go on"...

During the 10-month season of Billy Elliot the Musical, I was very moved one evening to receive this review after a hiccup in my performance:

I usually try to find something to comment on from the ballet girls who always do an amazing job. The Heseltine girls also gave a marathon performance this weekend. My call out is to one very special young lady who I will just call "A" since I'm not sure which character you play. In tonight's "Finale" I believe you had a slight fall coming in for your bow. I'm sure you felt mortified that it happened at such a crucial moment and became very upset. The tears began to fall. But in the words of Mrs Wilkinson...

"You can wow 'em every time All you have to do is shine... Steal an inch on them And they'll give you a mile And smile, smile, smile, smile"

That's just what you did. You dried your eyes, went to your position and followed Josh's steps perfectly and in time with him and the other ballet girls. Yours was a very important part in the "Finale" as you are the first ballet girl to turn and tap in time with Billy. By the end of the number you did have a smile on your face. Wonderful stuff "A"